King’s Day

The 11-year-old Younes is selling his father’s car parts at a lively street market. The day starts out festive, but when the young folk singer Kelvin and his menacing father arrive, the atmosphere deteriorates fast. A silent struggle develops between Younes and Kelvin, one that is not only waged between the boys, but also between their dominant fathers. As the day progresses in this park in Amsterdam, the two boys discover that even though they once seemed so different, their situations are actually the same.

Anything Goes

After moving to Amsterdam, 11-year-old Tygo from Brabant gives a class talk about carnival. What starts as a general explanation of the festival, turns into a personal and poignant account. Although his father always says that anything goes with carnival and Tygo dreams of joining the marching girls, his father also shows him that even with carnival one can go too far.

Using a weapon forced on him by his dealer, the drug addict Fausto dos Santos shoots someone over a fix. Overcome by guilt, he spends the night wandering aimlessly. When he gets arrested, he suddenly appears to be someone else entirely.


A story revolving around three main characters. The same story is told from each character’s perspective: there’s a boy who demolishes cars, his single mother who dresses up for the opposite sex in an act of desperation, and a great lump of a man who is brusquely rejected by the one he adores. With a painstaking eye for detail, the director has created an ingenious chainreaction of events, full of Dutch humour.

Ten-year-old Rutger lives with his mother in a run-down part of town. His mother longs for the day when Prince Charming will appear and whisk her away from her dismal existence. Deciding he’s had enough of all these trial Dads, Rutger burns all their gifts and offerings in a forest clearing. And then his mother meets Peter, who gives Rutger a dog named Dajo. For the first time in his life, the boy has a friend to call his own. But then Peter leaves his mother like all the other men before him and so Rutger takes Dajo and makes his way to the quiet clearing in the forest.

A young boy and his young sister are playing on a rubbish dump, acting out their parents’ divorce. For this they use their father’s things which their mother brought to the dumping ground out of anger. The girl only wants to use their fathers things, but the boy finds something that he finds much more interesting.


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